Are you an OEM?

Do you have an established portfolio of electrical vehicles and want to offer autonomous navigation and loading features? Why not relying on our plug and play solution?

Are you an intralogistics integrator?

You have customers that have automatized their intralogistics but still load trucks manually? Why not extend your solution offer to autonomous loading?

OEMs: Navflex is your all-in-one partner to make your vehicles autonomous 

Thinking about own autonomous development? Use a developed tech stack for making your vehicles autonomous, while you leverage your existing customers relations

Robust localization

We make sure the vehicle always knows where it is, even in dynamically changing environments. We don't require any modifications to the operating environment or special installations. Instead, we rely on natural futures, the operating environment presents and on sensory data provided by our automation kit.

Precise navigation

With our high precision navigation we make sure we can serve critical needs of picking and placing tasks, including maneuvering through narrow passages and operating inside of trailers or containers when transporting goods. 

Ease of use

We can integrate to your existing WMS, but we can also provide a tailored solution to your problem that is as easy to use as a microwave. You don't require to have specially trained engineers to use our technology. We are constantly working to simplify the usage into an easy to follow set of instructions and user-friendly interface.

Ready for challenging tasks

You have a repetitive task that you are not sure if it can be automated. You haven't found a solution to your problem on the market. Contact Navflex, we may have a solution to your problem. We constantly extend the variety of tasks our technology can automate. We surely welcome new challenges.


Intralogistics Integrators: Be a true one-stop source for complete solutions, including docking operations

You can automate it all but your customers are still loading manually? Let us change that jointly! 

Become a true one stop shop

Ever noticed that no matter how automated your customers are, they still load their trucks manually? It's because current solutions are inflexible and there's no business case behind them. Navflex offers a solution that is affordable and plug and play. Next time you automate a customer's warehouse, let's jointly do that end--to-end. 

Leverage existing relationshships

Navflex offers a plug and play solution: your customers don't need to change existing infrastructure and they don't need to buy new vehicles. We operate in natural environments with the option to use the existing vehicle fleet, so we can easily upgrade your existing customers to autonomous loading while you leverage your existing customer relationsships. 


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